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Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Guillain Barre Syndrome Therapy and Treatment

In most patients can heal itself. treatment general is symptomatic. Although it is said that this disease can be cured itself, should be considered a long treatment time and number of disability ( sequelae ) high enough so that the treatment should still be given. The goal of therapy particular is to reduce disease severity and speed healing through the immune system ( immunotherapy ).

Most studies suggest that the use of steroid preparations is not has a value of / is not useful for therapy of GBS.

Plasmaparesis or plasma exchange aims to remove factors circulating autoantibodies. Plasmaparesis usage at GBS shows the results good, in the form of a more rapid clinical improvement, the use of the tools of breath fewer, and shorter treatment time. treatment is by replacing the 200-250 ml plasma / kg in 7-14 days. Plasmaparesis more beneficial when given during the initial symptom onset ( first week ).

Immunosuppressant treatment:
1. IV immunoglobulin
Treatment with gamma globulin is more profitable intervena compared plasmaparesis because of side effects / complications lighter. dose maintenance 0.4 g / kg weight / day for 3 days followed by dose maintenance 0.4 g / kg weight / day every 15 days until healed.
2. cytotoxic drugs
Sitotoxic drug delivery is recommended:
a. 6 mercaptopurin (6- MP )
b. azathioprine
c. cyclophosphamid
Side effects of these medications include: alopecia, vomiting, nausea and pain head.

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